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Alliance Education Committee

The mission of the Alliance Education Committee is to provide resources and support for Holocaust and genocide education in our local schools and community.  Its primary function is to offer classroom presentations by Holocaust and genocide survivors and descendants which are currently focused on the Holocaust and the Armenian Genocide. Our speakers share their and their families’ stories and experiences and the need for people to become “upstanders” when facing acts of racism, antisemitism, and other forms of intolerance.  Every speaker is prepared with a detailed, engaging presentation accompanied by slides with photos and documents, and artifacts to share with students. Speakers are also able to tailor their presentations to specific classes, grades, lessons, and readings. Education Committee members work one-on-one with potential speakers who have not previously spoken to middle and high school students to prepare their presentations.

The Alliance Education Committee reaches well over 2000 students and 100 teachers annually in public and private secondary schools, colleges, and universities.  Our speakers also present at senior centers, religious groups, and other community locations.

To become a speaker, request a speaker, or for more information, please contact